Avid College 
Add: Avid College, G.Jawaahiru Asseyri, Ameeneemagu, Male', Maldives

Avid College has been in the Education Market since 2005. The college was initially established as a training institute but in the year 2013 Avid College became a full performing college striding in the field of education in the Maldives. Today, Avid College caters to more than 1000 students and offers programmes from various levels, namely from Certificate, Advance Certificate, Foundation, Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor degree levels, Post Graduate Diploma and Master Degree Levels. All courses offered at Avid College are approved by the Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA).

With the wide intake of students, Avid College has moved its premises to two campuses, Diamond and Ruby. AVID College has its annex which includes eleven classrooms, an auditorium affixed with multimedia facilities to deliver lecture and tutorials. Avid College is utilized with online services and through the portal students are able to get access to facilitative materials regarding their teaching and learning. Further, students are provided with key references and textbooks in the mini-library located at Avid College and we have established an online library system. The computer laboratory is equipped with the facilitation of online resources and is utilized with the latest technology servers to provide terminals for students to use key software and internet for their academic needs.

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